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Fleet optimization software

Delivering data integration, visibility, and game-changing insights to grow on.


See everything. Even the future.

From safety and fleet utilization to routing and fuel consumption, discover the opportunities you’ve been missing. And the ones still ahead.

Smarter decisions, on the fly.

You never know what’s around the bend, but you can be ready for it, with ASCEND. Instantly access all the information you need, at the very moment you need it, to make the decisions that make your organization more profitable, productive, and competitive.


  • Seamlessly connect data from all your vehicles, assets, people, and platforms
  • Customize dashboards, alerts, and reports in real time for agile decision making
  • Monitor your entire operation, in a single view or zoom in on a few critical metrics
  • Detect risks in time to protect your fleet, your customers, and your balance sheet
  • With 360° fleet visibility, adapt quickly and skillfully to unexpected disruptions
  • Spot opportunities for growth based on resource availability and other trends

Make the data make sense … and dollars.

Data is gold. But only if you know how to unlock its value. ASCEND integrates data from across vehicle and asset classes and business units, turning it into clear, actionable insights to reduce costs, increase revenue, and support your evolving business objectives.

  • Proactive maintenance minimizes downtime and maximizes asset lifespan
  • Optimize fuel efficiency and productivity with smart routing and dispatch
  • Prevent loss and theft with AI cameras, geofencing and real-time GPS tracking
  • Advanced safety features control insurance cost and protect against false claims
  • Automated workflows save time, resources, and the cost of errors
  • Discover and correct inefficiencies to contain costs and maximize output

Grow and sustain your gains.

The future-proof fleet requires a clear view of every aspect of your operation, at every level. ASCEND delivers 100% visibility in a single pane of glass — across even the most complex fleets and business units — so you can make the choices that decide the future.


  • Identify trends in utilization and maintenance to optimize fleet productivity
  • Track ROI of vehicles and assets in all classes, in real time, and over time
  • Bid more competitively with total visibility into efficiency and utilization
  • Mobilize resources more effectively with real-time views of fleet availability
  • Monitor driving behavior to improve both driver and vehicle performance
  • Improve routing, dispatch, and on-time reliability to foster customer loyalty