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Fleet safety, security, and compliance solutions

It’s never been easier to protect your fleet, your workforce, and your company’s future.


Reduce the risks, reap the rewards.

Unsafe drivers, unsafe equipment, and unmet regulatory requirements take a toll on people, productivity, and company growth. The right tools and data can turn those risks into opportunities.

Protect drivers, operators, vehicles, and profits.

Driver behavior is critical factor in fleet safety, efficiency and profitability. And with ASCEND’s custom alerts and reports, in-cab driver coaching, and regular performance evaluations based on shared data, it's a factor you have the power to transform.


  • Dashcams and real-time alerts warn drivers of hazards outside and inside the cab
  • Capture road events on AI video for driver coaching and liability protection
  • Set alerts for sudden acceleration, aggressive cornering, hard braking and more
  • Driver scorecards assess safety performance and motivate improvements
  • Minimize insurance costs by making full use of ASCEND’s fleet safety program
  • Digital DVIRs ensure properly conducted inspections and vehicle safety

Prevent loss of vehicles, assets, and productivity.

When your vehicles and equipment are not en route or on-site, they’re not earning. Keep them where you can see them — and use them — with ASCEND’s advanced, real-time GPS tracking and full fleet visibility.

  • Define geofences and receive immediate alerts of unauthorized use
  • GPS tracking and on-board telematics provide current location, speed, and direction
  • Easily configure map views to see your entire fleet’s locations and status at a glance
  • Quickly recover stolen assets and vehicles, and get them back on the clock
  • Track engine hours and off-route travel to prevent excess fuel and time consumption
  • Reduce loss and liability risks by minimizing after-hours and unauthorized use

Digital compliance makes best practices automatic.

Noncompliance results not only in steep fines, but also, in unnecessary exposure to safety risks and liabilities. ASCEND’s automated fleet compliance software removes the risk — and the complexity — no matter how varied your fleet’s regulatory requirements may be.


  • Streamline compliance workflows and increase accuracy of reporting
  • Maintain ELD, IFTA, and all FMCSA compliance, in one easy-to-use platform
  • DVIRs flag vehicle issues before they become hazards or violations
  • Mobile apps enable effortless yet timely reporting from the field
  • Changing regulations are automatically updated within the system
  • Reduce risk, violations, and unexpected costs and downtime