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Vehicle analytics

Get the data and insights to level up fleet safety, productivity, and customer satisfaction.


The metrics that move the needle.

From driver safety to ROI to the customer experience, if you’re not measuring it, you’re not improving it. Now, the metrics that drive the decisions that optimize fleet performance are at your fingertips.

Unlock peak productivity and efficiency.

Empower your fleet to do more with less. ASCEND’s integrated, cloud-based fleet analytics deliver the real-time data and insights to quickly identify and prioritize opportunities for increasing output and containing costs.


  • Monitor mileage, hours of service (HoS), and load times/capacities to optimize utilization
  • Identify and alert drivers to excess idling to save time, engine wear, and fuel costs
  • Real-time GPS tracking alerts dispatchers to traffic slow-downs for faster rerouting
  • Total fleet visibility and communication enables more stops with less time and fuel
  • Proactive maintenance minimizes downtime while prolonging vehicle life
  • Automate compliance to reduce driver workload, errors, and violations

Safe drivers are profit drivers.

As they make the roads safer, your drivers are also making fleet operations more cost-effective. ASCEND’s vehicle analytics keep fleet and safety managers informed and drivers aware of hazardous behaviors and conditions, saving lives and so much more.

  • Identify and correct harsh driving in real time, improving safety and vehicle life
  • AI cameras capture road events, for driver coaching and liability protection
  • Driver scorecards improve behavior, reducing downtime from accidents or repairs
  • Electronic DVIRs enforce and streamline pre- and post-trip inspections
  • Fleet safety data can drive down not only accidents, but insurance and replacement costs
  • Monitor speeding, idling time, and off-route usage to contain fuel costs

Keep your promises. Keep your customers.

Nothing delights a customer more than consistently doing what you say you’ll do. But sometimes, things happen. So ASCEND’s integrated vehicle analytics give you the 360° visibility to quickly reroute, recover and regain trust and loyalty.


  • Detect early signs of vehicle malfunctions before they can cause delays
  • Dispatch more efficiently with driver, vehicle, and customer data all in one place
  • Monitor traffic and weather conditions in real time and reroute on the fly
  • Geofencing and real-time alerts keep shipments secure and undamaged
  • Provide more accurate ETAs and allow customers to track driver status
  • Optimize route planning and scheduling to make more stops in less time