Master Routing & Dispatch Inside Your Telematics Solution

Improve the quality and speed of your utilization decision-making through routing and dispatch optimization built right into your telematics solution. Find out more in this flyer.

Explore All-In-One Telematics + Routing & Dispatch Optimization Today

Master mixed fleet routing and dispatch optimization – even as you navigate an ever-changing day-to-day priority set – with ASCEND fleet telematics.

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Learn how ASCEND routing and dispatch optimization software is built completely inside ASCEND fleet telematics, giving you a better foundation for utilization and business growth. Download the flyer to learn: 

  1. How you can get more out of your fleet telematics solution with built-in routing and dispatch optimization – without third-party plugins or integrations!
  2. Give your customers accurate arrival times on every job 
  3. How easy it can be to combine day-of routing needs with the ability to pre-plan routes – even multi-stop routes – to empower dispatchers to deliver an excellent customer (and driver!) experience
  4. How easy-to-use communications and notifications are key to keeping drivers happier and safer