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Optimized Routing & Dispatch Software +Telematics

Forget Integrations & Multi-Screen Workflows

Routing and Dispatch is built in – Plan, schedule, track and manage routes within ASCEND Fleet Telematics

Less Complicated, More Efficient

At ASCEND, we work different and believe you should, too. That’s why we built our Routing and Dispatch software completely inside our telematics solution. So you won’t need to waste any time integrating a third-party tool. After all, isn’t a true all-in-one solution the most efficient for you and your fleet?


Nonstop Profit – From Here to There

Routing and dispatch within ASCEND Fleet Telematics makes it simple to develop optimized routes for perfect arrivals, driving up profitability and helping you avoid surprises. Schedules don’t always go as planned. Through seamless routing and dispatch capabilities already built in your telematics platform, you’ll never need to say ‘no’ again – and you can adapt to last-minute route planning changes with ease.

Reduce Fuel Costs | Save Travel Time | Lower Miles Driven | Increase Customer & Driver Satisfaction


Connecting Operations – One Update at a Time

Easy-to-use communications and notifications are critical to making your fleet work harder for you. You can add alerts for driver route deviations plus communicate directly with drivers through the Conversations feature and ASCEND Driver app. Dispatchers are able to easily reroute vehicles. Updates on the go and faster communication are key to keeping drivers happier and safer.

Features and Benefits of ASCEND Optimized Routing & Dispatch Software

Dynamic Route Optimization

Automate your route planning – through bulk import of stops or deliveries – for the optimal route, accounting for any vehicle/driver requirements or constraints. Reduce costs, mileage, fuel use, and more. Geofence jobs or driver coverage areas. Easily optimize your deliveries and utilization.

Improved Tracking & Utilization

Get real-time GPS-enabled locations of your entire mixed fleet – vehicles, equipment, assets – to ensure availability for any job and/or confirm delivery times. Monitor, track, and better utilize your entire fleet for stronger bottom-line performance. See ETAs, map views, and more to eliminate surprises.

Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Gain valuable insights into fleet KPIs through a comprehensiveset of reports that make analytics easier and more useful.

Every Delivery, Every Job – We’re Here

For any account need, ASCEND Customer Success will help you increase efficiency, drive revenue and improve satisfaction without adding to your work or increasing your expense. You’ll have a true telematics partner that will answer the call.

Route Planning – Even in Advance

Combine day-of routing with the ability to pre-plan routes – even multi-stop routes – and import bulk upload stops for a fully streamlined workflow that empowers dispatchers to deliver excellent customer service.

Automated Vehicle Maintenance Management

The key to a successful mixed fleet is accounting for and performing critical preventative maintenance that varies by vehicle/equipment use and your overall workload. Have all alerts and maintenance status at your fingertips so you can boost uptime and utilization.

Boost Driver Performance & Loyalty

Maximize driver confidence through pre-planned routes that adjust for any day-of change and accommodate on-the-fly variations. See driver scorecards to enable coaching and gamify critical areas of your business for increased driver loyalty and performance.

An All-in-One Optimized Routing & Dispatch + Telematics Solution That’s Better in Every Way


Simply take a look and see how different our dispatching is. Not only in how it performs, but how easy it is to use. Managing a fleet is hard; using your telematics solution shouldn’t be. Our best-in-class user interface will help you get more done and have more control.

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The Surprising Role of Optimized Routing & Dispatch + Telematics in Driver Success

The first-ever Optimized Routing & Dispatch Software + built-in Telematics features that can bring an incredible competitive advantage to your business in attracting and retaining drivers and impacting driver safety. But how? 

One of every four drivers reports that getting lost can impact their safety. Make routing easier for your team through dynamic routing and dispatch that easily factors in real-life route changes and delays. Quickly re-route on the fly, automating service time changes and accommodating emergencies.

Thanks to ASCEND’s powerful, intuitive UI – you can seamlessly combine dashcams and more to help monitor safety and enable driver protection.

Through dynamic routing and dispatching, plus enhanced notifications and communication, drivers have more confidence. So, when their day doesn’t go as planned, they can still complete their job and serve your customers.


Instant, Easy Messaging for Drivers
Conversations Feature

Conveniently, safely communicate in-the-field through a Conversations feature that delivers route and stop updates and facilitates last-minute customer needs.

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Fleet Communication and Tracking App
ASCEND Driver App

Drivers can easily communicate what they’re experiencing in the field and get help to better serve customers.

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It’s great to be able to know that our people and equipment are where they’re supposed to be and that our vehicles are being operated safely.

Matt Henry
CUI Services, Inc.
A multi-state grounds management operation

Installation was absolutely trouble-free. They had our complete fleet up and running in just a matter of days.

Charlie McMahon
McMahon Exterminating
A third generation, multi-state pestcontrol company


What is different about the Route & Dispatch solution with ASCEND?

ASCEND is the first ever fully functioning Route & Dispatch solution built into a best-in-class telematics solution. No need for messy 3rd party integrations or expense.

What is route planning vs. route optimization?

Route planning involves creating a general plan or itinerary for reaching destinations. In contrast, route optimization goes further by using algorithms and data analysis to find the most efficient and cost-effective routes, considering factors like distance, time, and resources.

Why is route optimization important?

Effective route optimization helps you maximize completed orders or deliveries while considering factors such as driver schedules, available hours, total stops, fulfillment estimates, and legal requirements. It saves time and resources. Route optimization improves overall fleet productivity by allowing jobs to be completed more quickly. Drivers deliver shipments logically and in a timely manner without having to ever backtrack from job to job. These technologies are necessary for same-day delivery services.

What are the benefits of route optimization?

Route planning software can save companies money by helping them plan better routes for their mobile workforce. It decreases the number of routes and miles driven, reducing fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear. It also helps prevent unnecessary overtime. Automated routing software can help you quickly assign new jobs where they make the most sense, saving dispatchers time. Additional benefits include reducing transportation costs, avoiding accidents, and increasing driver satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and productivity. You can also work with a third-party logistics provider if you want. Faster communication can help improve safety on the road and increase the productivity of your delivery operations.

How does ASCEND route optimization software work?

ASCEND fleet route optimization software utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze multiple variables such as delivery locations, time windows, vehicle capacities, traffic conditions, and historical data. The software calculates the most efficient and cost-effective routes for the entire fleet by inputting this information. It considers factors like distance, time, fuel consumption, and customer preferences to optimize the schedule. ASCEND's real-time capabilities enable dynamic adjustments based on changing conditions, ensuring timely deliveries and improved resource allocation. The software streamlines operations reduces transportation costs, enhances customer satisfaction, and promotes eco-friendly practices, all contributing to a more efficient and profitable fleet management process.

Does ASCEND allow for multi-stop planning?

Yes, ASCEND fleet optimization allows for multi-stop planning, enabling efficient routing for fleets with multiple delivery or service locations. It considers various factors to calculate the most optimized routes, including multiple stops, time windows, and other relevant variables.

What features make ASCEND route optimization software right for my company?

ASCEND routing and dispatch optimization software is ideal for your company due to its advanced algorithms, real-time capabilities, and ability to handle multi-stop planning. It outperforms the competition by providing more accurate, efficient, cost-effective routes, reducing transportation costs, increasing productivity, and improving customer satisfaction.