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Advanced route optimization + dispatch software

Easily and responsively plan the most efficient routes and streamline dispatch of your fleet.


Between point A and point B, a world of opportunity.

There are opportunities to shorten the distance, to avoid traffic, to delight a customer, to save time and fuel … see and seize them all. Now, you can not only plan the most productive, profitable routes and job assignments, you can also improve those plans as conditions change. Make more stops, with fewer resources, in less time, all the time.

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Intelligent dispatch and route optimization software simplifies:

Fluid job assignments. The dynamic job board lets you upload, assign, and reassign jobs and stops in the moment, with a clear, daily, and weekly view of all scheduled and unassigned stops, available drivers, distance to targets, and other key parameters.
Efficient routing. Easily optimize routes according to distance traveled, traffic patterns, stop schedules and time required. And when you find consistently efficient routes, it’s a snap to make them repeatable and automated for daily or weekly schedules.
Real-time progress updates. See your entire fleet and routes displayed on a map as well as in a timeline view, so you know where drivers have been, where they are, which stops remain, and what (distance, time, traffic, or trouble) lies between those points.
Creating territories. Geofence drivers within defined territories to keep all their stops and activity concentrated, optimizing hours of service. This not only makes more efficient use of drivers’ time, it also allows them to cultivate important relationships with customers.
Instant, agile adaptation. When seconds count, don’t rely on SMS. Our routing and dispatch software uses its own direct messaging engine, allowing you to alter assignments in real time as conditions change and notify drivers instantaneously in the app.
Improved driver experience. The driver app empowers drivers to interact seamlessly with dispatch — accepting, rejecting, completing, or marking jobs “in-progress” — use their preferred navigation app, and capture proof of delivery and other key, stop-related information.
Improved customer experience. Nothing delights a customer like reliability. And when dispatchers can see which driver is closest to the target location, their record of on-time arrivals, traffic, and more, they can provide ETAs that customers can depend on … and rave about.