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Electronic Logging Device (ELD) software

Federal hours of service compliance: automated, simplified, in the palm of your hand.


Let drivers drive. Let ELDs log.

As the industry becomes increasingly heavily regulated, sometimes a mandate comes along that actually makes compliance easier — like electronic logging devices (ELDs). The FMCSA’s requirement that hours of service (HOS) be logged electronically can keep your fleet safe and compliant, while keeping drivers and operators doing more of what you hired them to do.

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ASCEND’s ELDs — so much more than electronic logging:

Effortless recording and reporting. Just sign in and go. The ELD automatically tracks and records driving time, asset usage, waiting or off-duty time, mileage, location, and other data to calculate hours of service. All HOS logs are saved to the server for easy access by managers, back office, and drivers alike.
Verifiable accuracy. Mitigate the risk of human error with all HOS logs tied back to electronic vehicle, equipment, and GPS location data, for clear and confirmed accuracy. All without anyone having to spend valuable time recording, reviewing, or reconciling paperwork.
Streamlined DOT inspections. With our cloud-based platform and ELDs, drivers breathe easier during random inspections. They can pull up their HOS logs on the app, on demand, along with e-DVIRs and other records, saving time and headaches all around.
All-in-one compliance. The integrated ASCEND platform combines ELD capabilities with electronic DVIRs and fuel tax (IFTA) reporting to keep your fleet compliant across the full range of FMCSA requirements. All in one easy-to-use, driver-friendly app.
Safety from every angle. Go the extra mile in preventing driver fatigue with a combination of ELDs and dashcams. The ELDs send in-cab alerts when HOS are nearly maxed out, while dashcams send distracted driving alerts, keeping drivers focused and roads safe.
Cutting costs. ELDs enable real-time monitoring of HOS, with desktop and text alerts of violations, so you stay compliant and avoid steep fines. And considering what manual log keeping costs in driver and admin time, resources, and mistakes, the ROI of ELDs just keeps adding up.