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Service and delivery vehicle tracking system

Keep your fleet safe, your operations efficient, and your promises consistently.


Time is limited. Customer satisfaction shouldn’t be.

In the field, on the road, or on premises with a customer, every minute counts. To make the most productive, profitable use of it requires total fleet visibility, optimized routing and dispatch, safe, responsible driving, and one easy-to-use system to manage it all. In a single pane of glass, ASCEND’s integrated, cloud-based platform shows you everything you need to know to make your arrival windows, take those urgent service calls, and deliver on time, time after time.


Accidents wreck everyone’s day.

Aggressive driving, failure to stop, and speeding are all-too-common responses to demanding schedules and quotas. So ASCEND delivers the tools and data to improve driver behavior and reduce accidents and downtime, building confidence, reputations, and business.

  • AI video triggers real-time alerts of collisions and distracted or hazardous driving
  • Monitor reckless driving behaviors and provide in-cab driver coaching as soon as they occur
  • Driver scorecards make safety a focus with gamification and healthy competition
  • Keep vehicles safe and roadworthy with e-DVIRs and proactive maintenance
  • Prevent unauthorized use of vehicles with geofences and real-time alerts

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A better way is a tap away.

Customers rely on you to get drivers there when you say you will. But traffic, construction, engine trouble, and accidents often have other plans. Anticipate. Adapt. And arrive as promised, with ASCEND’s market-leading route optimization software, for faster, clearer paths to total customer satisfaction.
  • Visualize all your vehicles and stops in map and timeline views
  • Optimize routes according to distance, job requirements, and arrival windows
  • Monitor changing traffic and road conditions, and reroute to save time and fuel
  • Create repeatable, automated, daily or weekly routes
  • Define driver territories using geofences to reduce mileage and fuel costs

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Be nimble, quick, and there when they need you.

Things happen: the internet goes out, pipes back up, trees need trimming. Whether it’s an emergency or scheduled stop, your techs need to get there quickly, safely, and efficiently. ASCEND’s advanced service dispatch software delivers, with time, fuel, and mileage to spare.

  • Upload, assign and reassign jobs on the fly with drag-and-drop ease
  • View assigned and unassigned stops, available drivers, and distance to targets
  • Get real-time progress updates with map and timeline view of drivers and routes
  • Provide reliable ETAs and shorter arrival windows for customers
  • The driver app enables document capture and instant messaging with dispatch

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