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Fleet management for construction

Construction fleet management software that's an all-in-one solution for next-level safety, productivity, and profitability.


Assets. Operations. ROI. Optimized.

With roots in manufacturing rugged, reliable telematics devices for yellow iron and heavy equipment, we understand the complex requirements of construction fleet management. So we built ASCEND's construction fleet management software to do what you need it to: reduce downtime, maximize utilization, control costs, and streamline workflows. In a single pane of glass, you can connect all your assets, people, and processes to drive productivity, profitability, and growth across job sites, across the fleet, and across time.


The right tools make all the difference.

With a complex fleet of construction vehicles and assets working multiple job sites in various cities or regions, there’s a lot you could be missing. Like that dump truck that’s been idling for 10 minutes, the dozer they haven’t used in days, and the team across town that needs it. See it all in a single pane of glass, in real time. And get more out of your fleet every time.

  • Track real-time construction equipment location, status, and activity to optimize utilization
  • Prevent downtime and workflow disruptions with proactive maintenance
  • Simplify billing and payroll with automated driver and engine hour tracking
  • Improve communication between teams with seamless API integrations
  • Comprehensive AEMP 2.0 support provides access to critical OEM data

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Boost Productivity Comp3(1)

Streamline operations for bottom-line growth.

Profit margins and schedules are tighter than ever. And the more complex your project or fleet, the more vulnerable it is to mistakes and inefficiency. So simplify, with all-in-one construction equipment fleet management software that automates efficiency, accuracy, and profitability.

  • Avoid unnecessary construction equipment leases with clear utilization data and reports
  • Slash fuel consumption by monitoring engine idling and setting real-time alerts
  • Prevent costly equipment failures and repairs with predictive maintenance
  • Reduce equipment insurance and losses using geofence software and GPS asset tracking for construction
  • Minimize paperwork and errors with automated timekeeping, logs, and reports

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Control Costs Comp(1)

The biggest threats are the ones you don’t see.

From construction equipment theft to unsafe or unauthorized use, the sooner you identify the risks, the more options you have to mitigate them. ASCEND alerts you to trouble as it arises to keep your fleet safe and opportunities wide open.

  • Set virtual boundaries (geofences) to get real-time alerts of unauthorized use or theft
  • Recover stolen or missing assets and vehicles quickly and reliably with real-time GPS tracking
  • Automate preventive maintenance to extend the useful life of vehicles and assets
  • Prevent accidents with digital inspection reports and real-time alerts of dangerous operation
  • Raise safety standards fleetwide through operator scorecards, coaching, and gamification

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Protect Your Fleet Comp(1)

Full-spectrum, advanced telematics hardware.

Designed for each vehicle and asset type, usage requirements and conditions, ASCEND’s hardware solutions include:

  • Vehicle telematics devices – Compatible with most on-road vehicle classes, from trucks and vans to tractor trailers
  • Powered equipment telematics devices – Hardwired to smaller equipment such as powered trailers or side-by-side UTVs
  • Self-powered telematics devices – Track and monitor trailers and equipment with battery- and solar-powered devices
  • Mini telematics devices – Track small, expensive assets like containers, generators, railcars, lightbars and more with simple installation via heavy magnet or permanent mount
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