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Enhanced Fleet Operations with Route Optimization

Minimize overtime costs, reduce errors, improve on-time arrival, and give your drivers real-time updates through the easy-to-use mobile app. 
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“I am absolutely saving money.

I now also know not only where every driver is, but where they’re heading next. I never knew that before.”

- Adnan Abu-Own, President, ATM Depot Inc.
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“Our experience with ASCEND is so much better than what we had previously."

"They reached out to me to ensure everything was going okay and asked if I would like additional training. And when I call them, I talk to a real person who provides the answer I’m looking for.”
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“My guys were planning their own routes, and unfortunately I found I was never paying them for the normal 40 hours per week.

My biggest expense is payroll and I felt I needed to look for ways to improve efficiency and reduce overtime.”

- Adnan Abu-Own, President, ATM Depot Inc.

“Our experience has been positive from the start.

 They are very responsive and when I call ASCEND, I actually talk to a person right away. That in itself is just amazing. I can actually talk with someone rather than get stuck on hold for an hour.”

“ASCEND’s flexibility with the installation process made all the difference for us.

They got our entire fleet (trucks, bandits, spider lifts and trailers) up and running in a single weekend, so downtime and disruptions were minimal and we were able to start automating and streamlining our operations in no time.”
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“I would 100% recommend them to anyone.

My account manager is a wonderful lady. She answers my calls, responds to email, is very knowledgeable about the product, and helps make sure any issues are fixed immediately.”

- Adnan Abu-Own, President, ATM Depot Inc.

Track anything. Optimize everything.

All your assets, people, and processes. One platform. Total clarity and control.





Route Planning Chaos & Overtime Costs Solved.

Navigate to success with ASCEND's All-In-One Route Optimization Software, where crafting optimized routes for on-the-dot arrivals is a breeze, boosting your bottom line and keeping those unexpected hiccups at bay. When schedules zig while you planned for a zag, our integrated route optimization adjusts on the fly—no more turning down last-minute changes.

Streamlining routing & dispatch optimization simplifies efficiency ▸


Powerful Protection for Your Fleet – Every Vehicle, Asset, and Driver

With ASCEND’s holistic approach to fleet safety – you’ll find out just how easy it is to identify and act on risky driver behavior, lower insurance and liability costs, and watch productivity soar. Add AI Dashcams for a powerful, simple approach to a successful fleet safety program, better protecting every driver and vehicle. Easily access AI video, GPS tracking, custom alerts, and more.

Increase safety & see the difference AI dashcams deliver ▸


Linking fleet tracking to utilization for more profitable operations

Successful utilization is much more than tracking days driven, drive time, and mileage. It’s all that – plus easy management of a preventative maintenance program, smart allocation of vehicles and assets, and easy access to analytics- providing you with the insights to support your most critical business decisions in a single pane of glass.


Transformational Business Growth – Together

A technology investment isn’t just in the solution; it’s in the people that ensure your success, answer the calls, and innovate to suit your business growth objectives. At ASCEND, you’ll find uncommonly responsive customer success and development teams and wonder how you’ve done without it.

Partnership that drives results ▸