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Create a 75% safer fleet.

Protect your drivers, operations, reputation and profits with AI-enabled video as part of a comprehensive safety program.

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The whole platform
in your pocket.

Take the power of the ASCEND all-in-one platform anywhere.
Get all the capabilities, all the control, all in your favorite handheld device.

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E-inspections: not just
for vehicles anymore.

Beyond vehicle and equipment checks, easily configure our e-inspections for applications
in the field, on the road, and on the job site.

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One size does not fit all.

Get the right device for every asset with hardware solutions designed for your unique fleet composition,
job requirements and conditions. 

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Now, projects have
their own all-in-one.

View all levels of data by project to reveal the risks and inefficiencies impacting the job and your bottom line.

Track anything.
Optimize everything.

All your assets, people, and processes. One platform. Total clarity and control.

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Smart allocation starts with good information.

How do you keep the right number of the right vehicles and assets in the right places at the right time, without overshooting your capacity? It takes comprehensive, easy-to-use, advanced fleet management software.

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Programmed for profitability.

Reduce waste. Reduce loss. Reduce risk. Reduce costs. In no time. Real-time monitoring, total fleet visibility, and automation make it easier than ever.

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Detect, correct, protect and prevent.

Beyond dashcams. AI video, real-time fleet GPS tracking, and custom alerts keep drivers and vehicles safe, insurance and liability costs contained, and productivity robust.

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Remove the risk. And the burden.

Cloud-based and always up-to-date, ASCEND helps you maintain compliance with ELD and other evolving regulations, with no extra work for your team.

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There’s always room for better.

With mixed-fleet GPS tracking, custom reports, and integration across vehicle and asset classes, projects, and teams, you can spot every inefficiency. And every opportunity.

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What easy looks like.

All you want to know at any moment, at a glance, with comprehensive onboarding, proactive training, and ongoing support from our dedicated, uncommonly responsive team.

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