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Matt Brett

Elevating Safety: Introducing Driver Scorecards as a Crucial Component in Driver Safety Programs

Part 3 in a Series About the Importance of Driver Safety.
Most drivers genuinely want to drive safely, and they aim to do their best on the road. While they are accountable for any unsafe actions, it's important to recognize that no one starts their day wanting to be a reckless driver. Your drivers have good intentions, and as a company, it's our role to support and assist them in being the best drivers they can be.

Driver safety programs are here to make driving safer by offering knowledge, training, processes, and support to help drivers be their best selves when it comes to safety.

In our discussions, we've explored the personal impact on drivers when safety is compromised and how a telematics system can enhance safety. Now, let's dive into a key tactic that plays a crucial role in successful safety programs: the driver scorecard.

Monitor with Ascend Driver Scorecard SoftwareThe driver scorecard shows how your drivers rank in safety, using an algorithm that considers speed, hard braking, acceleration, and erratic driving. This smart algorithm, crafted from insurance studies, pinpoints actions that often lead to accidents. Plus, it takes into account each driver's total mileage.

Here are three ways a driver scorecard can boost your safety program:

1. Tap into drivers’ competitive natureIntroduce a bit of friendly competition! The safety score rankings show drivers where they stand, and let's be honest, no one likes being in the middle or at the bottom. If they're among the best, they'll want to stay there and even up their safety game. And for those in the middle or near the bottom, it's a great motivator to step up and improve their safety performance.

Man in red hat using ascend fleet mobile app driver scoring feature in vehicle The special thing about these rankings is that they're easy for drivers to see. You can share them on your telematics app, so drivers can check anytime to see how they measure up against others

2.  Keep the coaching going! Besides sharing safety scores, it's crucial to talk about the metrics that influence the score and how drivers can boost their scores. Knowing these details helps spot areas for coaching or extra training. This data also guides discussions on reinforcing safe driving habits during team meetings or daily huddles.

3. Watch safety progress over time! The best thing about the safety scorecard is that it's not fixed. Drivers might move up or down the rankings over weeks or months, showing how well our safety efforts are working and their dedication to making safety a top priority.

Keeping things safe is crucial, and measuring it matters! A telematics system is your handy tool for doing just that. To share safety data and inspire drivers to do even better, the driver scorecard becomes your must-have, go-to tool.

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