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Matt Brett

Look to Your Telematics Provider for Helpful Best Practices

Implementing a telematics solution is too big and important of an undertaking for your company to tackle by itself. To do it right, you need all the benefits of a strategic partnership with the solutions provider, from determining what your needs are, to setting goals and benchmarks, to formulating a comprehensive written implementation plan.

Also, as part of this partnership, you should be able to rely on the provider – specifically their customer success support team – to provide numerous best practices to help pave the way to implementation success.

Here’s why:

They know the solution inside and out. Even if your company has years of experience with telematics, the adoption of a new solution will inevitably create a learning curve. Each system is different, with unique set-up requirements, features, functionality, and its own user interface. The provider will be able to draw on their familiarity with the solution to fill these knowledge gaps – and accelerate adoption of the solution across your company.

Smiling blond woman sitting at computer with grey sweater and headsetThey should have worked with multiple companies like yours. The provider – specifically their customer support team – will have had experience in working with companies like yours. These can include companies in your industry as well as those that otherwise share similarities to your company – even though they may represent other industries. These similarities can include factors such fleet size, strategic focus, and business challenges. 

This experience should be a source of helpful tips and proven processes and approaches that the provider should be readily willing to pass along.  

They understand best practices are an important form of customer service. Many things will define excellent customer service – making it a priority to understand the customer’s business, availability, responsiveness, solving issues completely, exceeding customer expectation. Providing the fruits of their learning from other customers – in the form of useful best practices – is another way that sets the providers that are great at customer service apart from the pack.

They want you to succeed! Your provider will want your telematics solution implementation to be a success just as much as you will. As a strategic partner to your business, your success will be their success – and sharing and helping put into place best practices they have seen to be successful for other companies is a great way to help ensure that success.

Learn from Other Customers

When a provider has experience working with companies like yours – and readily shares that experience – you can learn not just from the provider, but also from all those other companies. This includes both best practices and costly mistakes to avoid.

That’s a powerful proposition. And one that you should expect your provider to deliver upon.