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Matt Brett

Effortless Asset Maintenance and Employee Certification Tracking with Telematics

Benefits Beyond Data: Storage Hub for Smarter Fleets

Telematics platforms often tout the benefit of their ability to capture, aggregate, report, and share fleet data about vehicles and other pieces of equipment. This data runs the gamut from ELD data to asset location to utilization reports and so much more.

A telematics platform can also provide easy storage for two types of information: employee certifications and asset maintenance, acting as an information hubs for business-relevant, accessible, and reminder-enabled insights.

Challenges and Importance of Managing Certifications, Regulations, and Company Policies

In a mixed fleet, while you are likely to have a variety of vehicles and pieces of equipment, you also will have a variety of fleet driver and operator certifications, regulations, and company policies that you will need to track, as they relate to your company and assets.

Yellow crane truck and crane operator onsiteFor example, only certain employees will hold the right certifications to operate specific pieces of equipment, such as a crane operator who is certified to operate aerial equipment. If you have a telematics platform with the capability to upload and store this type of relevant information, you will be able to track who holds these certifications and is, therefore, able to operate the equipment across job sites.

The renewal schedules for these fleet certifications can be captured, as well, to keep track of when a certification expires and provide enough advanced notice to ensure required training and renewals happen without a lapse.

Challenges of Preventative Maintenance

Managing preventative maintenance for a mixed fleet of vehicles and assets can often represent a logistical nightmare. Among the variables to be tracked are engine hours for equipment, vehicle odometer readings, driver/operator hours, among many others. Then there’s the make-up of a mixed fleet, which can include everything from pickup trucks to large trucks, to trailers, to heavy equipment.

Ascend Fleet Software Laptop, Tablet, MobileWith the right fleet maintenance software, tracking all this data related to vehicle maintenance becomes a straightforward process. Digital inspection capability makes it easy to monitor the condition of each vehicle or asset in the fleet and identify and schedule any needed repairs. In addition, OEM-recommended maintenance schedules can be uploaded to the platform to further simplify and automate routine service. Service-related documentation can also be captured and stored in the platform, forming a running service record that can be accessed at any time and which can even potentially positively impact resale value when the vehicle or asset is sold.

Robust Benefits of Tracking Assets, Monitoring Fleet Maintenance, and Storing Information

The ability to track assets, monitor fleet maintenance, and store information fleet certifications are just some of the many advantages of a powerful telematics platform. But it can be one of the most valuable, as it represents the ability to track your fleet and your people to add value to your business.