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Matt Brett5 min read

The Power of Exceptional Customer Service in Route Optimization and Telematics Software

Don't let your fleet software investment go to waste due to poor or no customer service 

When a company decides to invest in route optimization software, it's with the anticipation of transforming its business for the better. Imagine the excitement of seeking answers to vital questions:

  • How can we streamline our current routing system and eliminate inefficiencies?
  • In what ways can we elevate communication with our fleet to provide top-tier customer service?
  • Is there a strategy to reduce fuel expenses without sacrificing operational efficiency?
  • How can we optimize equipment usage and ensure timely maintenance to prevent downtime?
  • What measures can we take to boost driver job satisfaction, ultimately enhancing employee retention?

These questions point to significant benefits of a route optimization + telematics solution and are at the heart of the company's expectations, reflecting a commitment to a brighter and more efficient future. Investing in the right route optimization solution is not just a decision—it's a strategic move towards achieving these transformative goals.

Choosing the Right Partner: Assessing Providers for Exceptional Customer Support

 At the core of every routing solution is a support provider ready to assist you at key junctures. From installing the solution to seamlessly integrating it with your existing infrastructure, and addressing minor to significant issues throughout your contract, exceptional customer support is crucial.

Wondering how to spot providers that make implementing and using a routing solution a breeze? As you evaluate, keep an eye out for those who can help you steer clear of the following challenges:

Say goodbye to confusing setups! 

The top-notch providers have a crystal-clear plan for bringing their solution into your organization, ensuring everyone gets online and up to speed smoothly. They'll guide you through the process, giving you a heads-up on what to expect, the step-by-step installation phases, and important milestones.

But here's the best part: Some of these providers even offer a do-it-yourself option, letting you tailor the implementation to fit your resources and timelines. And guess what? They've got your back with support and troubleshooting whenever you need it!

Not knowing who to contact for help. 

Don't get stuck in the dark – it's no fun not knowing who to turn to for help, especially when rolling out telematics or route optimization solutions.

A provider should deploy one or more dedicated people who can help ensure your implementation goes smoothly and that you get the most from the solution.

These individuals can include a customer success agent, right from the start, diving into your business, gathering data, and plotting out the perfect implementation. And to keep things sailing smoothly, there might even be a project manager making sure everything stays on track. Plus, once your solution is up and running, you'll have a direct line to the pros for any issues. No more feeling lost – they've got you covered!

Having to deal with multiple companies.

When you're checking out a solutions provider, here's a key question to ask: Do they play well with third parties? And more importantly, who's in charge of sorting out your day-to-day issues? 

Picture this: your telematics company teams up with a third-party for routing optimization. Now, imagine if the routing optimization isn't playing nice with your telematics solution. Will they step in to help you out, or will they send you on a wild goose chase to the third-party provider? That could mean days of headaches before your problem is resolved. 

Here's a common thing: providers often bring in outside installers who are tech whizzes but might need guidance on your unique business and how to roll out the solution. It's like having the experts on gear and gadgets, but they could use a hand understanding the ins and outs of your world and how to make it work for your business.

One of the biggest problems with providers who rely on third parties is that it can create confusion and frustration. Rather than having a single point of contact, you might have to contact different vendors for various questions or issues. It's not ideal, to say the least.

As a rule, avoid those providers that rely on third parties. Your routing optimization solution deserves top-notch attention, and it's better to have a provider fully committed to handling every part of your business in-house.

Having to contact an overseas call center. 

Let's talk convenience. When you're checking out a solution provider, it's crucial to know  whether the provider offers U.S.-based customer support.

When you need support or help with an issue, having to deal with overseas call centers can bring some challenges. Language barriers and time zone differences could slow down getting the help you need, when you need it. And who wants to explain their business from scratch every time they call? 

So, when you're on the lookout for your next tech partner, make sure they're all about outstanding customer support. It's not just a bonus; it's a key part of the partnership package!

You need to have a partner who is invested in your success. 

Let's talk about finding your perfect match! Your ideal partner isn't just a provider – they're someone truly invested in your success.

Your tech partner should make your fleet's success the heart of your relationship. Their energy and resources should be all about helping your company use the solution like a pro. But not every provider does this.  Some take a more transactional approach and aren't all in for your success. You're better off steering clear of those folks. So, in your search, don't just look for a provider, look for a true business partner who's as committed to your success as you are!

Stellar Customer Service Sets Apart Top-notch Route Optimization Software and Telematics Providers

A route optimization solution isn’t a commodity, it's not "one-size-fits-all.  There will be fundamental differences in the features and functionality of the different solutions. And you need to consider them carefully.

But, when it comes to customer service and support, the choice is crystal clear. Your provider will either bring the A-game in service and partnership to make your solution a success, or they won't.

Don't overlook the post-contract phase! Prioritize service and support in your software evaluation – it's key to a lasting partnership. You're not just looking for a provider; you're after a true partner committed to maximizing your ROI and supporting your investment for the long haul!