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Matt Brett

Mixed Fleet Management Made Easy: A Guide to Handling a Variety of Vehicles and Assets in Construction with Ease!

Your Business Thrives by Tackling Challenges Head-On and Making Customer Experiences Seamless, Turning Complexity into Profit.

Let’s talk about complexity as it applies to your company’s vehicles and assets. Construction mixed fleet monitoring, historically, has been a daunting proposition for even the most skilled fleet manager. 

If you’re like most companies in the construction industry, your fleet is diverse: pick-up trucks, dump trucks, semis, trailers, heavy equipment, generators, and more. Some construction companies even have service divisions where their fleets also include light trucks or vans. With equipment varying in age from a range of manufacturers deployed to multiple job sites, efficient mixed fleet data collection and analysis can seem complex, costly, and laborious.
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For each type of vehicle or asset, you'll have different data needs. For instance, trucks with ELDs track miles and driver hours, while a generator may only need a small tracking device for location. All vehicles require tracking for location, utilization, and maintenance, with an option for digital inspections. Service vans and trucks need a solution for efficient routing and real-time dispatch. As your business grows, fleets evolve, with new equipment added and older assets replaced.

Navigating through this complexity to access the essential data might seem challenging. You might wonder if there's a single solution to bring all your vehicles online and integrate fleet data into a clear view of operations. The great news is, there is! A robust mixed fleet telematics solution exists that can adapt to your evolving fleet and meet the changing needs of your business – you just need to know what to look for.

How to Identify the Right Solution

Here are some of the features you’ll want to seek out:

  • No need for multiple systems. Different types of vehicles and assets can be brought online in a single, integrated system. That includes trucks that need to be ELD compliant. And this capability extends to adding new vehicles and assets as a mixed fleet expands.
  • A full array of hardware. A full range of telematics hardware is available, including everything from simple location monitors to the hardware needed to capture performance and utilization data. The company offering the solution also should be able to write the customized scripts required to ensure that all the hardware works together, and that the data captured by the hardware can be integrated into a single view.Protect Your Fleet Comp SML
  • Powerful customization. You’ll want to look for customization capability that extends to providing department-level views, so you can key in on the data associated with a segment of your mixed fleet, such as the vehicles that make up your service division.
  • Maintenance made manageable. You’ll also want a solution that enables OEM maintenance schedules to be loaded into the platform for easy tracking of recommended services. Maintenance records should also be able to be captured in the fleet maintenance software, to provide a complete maintenance paper trail to realize a higher return when an asset is sold.

A single solution

Streamlining the delivery of data into a single fleet management system doesn’t just mean simplifying keeping track of every asset – it means optimizing every part of your operation, from fuel to downtime to avoiding crises such as damage or theft. Cost management strategies will continue to be important as inflation increases and materials and labor costs remain high. Cost-focused features such as real-time GPS tracking and custom alerts will keep losses at a minimum.

The best mixed fleet telematics solution is the one that not only provides the fleet intelligence you need to set yourself apart from the competition but also helps you avoid risk and take advantage of opportunities for growth.

An intuitive, purpose-built solution that delivers more than one-size-fits-all features and functionality but is instead customized for your needs will provide transformative fleet intelligence that will give you a true competitive advantage. Allowing you to design reports, alerts, and fleet maintenance that fit your needs instead of having to adjust your company to match new software. After all, the data is yours, so the solution should also be.

The Power of Actionable Data
When it comes to managing complexity, scalability is one of the most important features of a telematics and data system. The right mixed fleet telematics solution won’t make your business less complex, but you’ll be able to gain access to actionable data to manage your operations much more effectively.