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Mixed fleet management made simple.


If you’re not tracking every asset in your fleet, you’re missing more than the big picture.

For every engine you can’t monitor, every location you can’t pinpoint, every harsh driving event you don’t see, you could be losing money, time, customers, and opportunities. 

ASCEND provides flexible hardware configurations that enable you to track all your vehicles and equipment, all in one easy-to-use platform. Because, when you can see your entire fleet, you can improve it.


Use all the data. Gain all the advantage.

From vehicles to equipment and yellow iron, ASCEND unlocks the value of all your telematics and AEMP 2.0 data streams, so you can retrieve, understand, and leverage them to improve fleet performance and make the decisions that fuel profit, growth, and competitive advantage.

  • Centralized data and automation streamline workflows and reduce errors
  • Seamless integration provides full fleet visibility, for more agile decisions
  • Easily configure dashboards on the fly to quickly identify problems or opportunities
  • Understand fleet utilization for more precise job costing and competitive bidding
  • Comprehensive AEMP 2.0 support provides access to critical OEM data

Customization + Integration


Get the most from your fleet.

From drivers and operators to the back office, when all eyes are on the same information, the real needle movers come into focus. ASCEND provides the comprehensive, unified view of your fleet you need to drive optimization across the operation.
  • Collaborate seamlessly across departments with standardized, centralized data
  • Quickly locate the right equipment for the job and determine availability
  • Easily identify which assets are under- or overused and reallocate as needed
  • Extend the useful life of your assets with streamlined maintenance scheduling
  • Automation enables effortless inspections, compliance reporting, logging, and timekeeping

Asset Management
Maintenance ▸

Mine the gold in your data.

The disparities of mixed-fleet telematics data once limited its usability and nullified any efficiencies it might have enabled. Until now. ASCEND brings it all together in one clear, cohesive picture to reveal the inefficiencies, losses, and unnecessary costs other systems miss.

  • Avoid unnecessary leases or purchases with a clear view of asset utilization
  • Easily access machinery and vehicle diagnostics to prevent breakdowns, costly repairs, and delays
  • Monitor excessive idling and get real-time alerts to reduce fuel consumption
  • Track fuel card use, driver logs, and GPS location data to prevent fraud
  • Protect and recover costly powered and non-powered assets with geofences, real-time alerts and GPS tracking

Real-time Alerts
Fuel Management


Full-spectrum, advanced telematics hardware.

Designed for each vehicle and asset type, usage requirements and conditions, ASCEND’s hardware solutions include:

  • Vehicle telematics devices – Compatible with most on-road vehicle classes, from trucks and vans to tractor trailers
  • Powered equipment telematics devices – Hardwired to smaller equipment such as powered trailers or side-by-side UTVs
  • Self-powered telematics devices – Track and monitor trailers and equipment with battery- and solar-powered devices
  • Mini telematics devices – Track small, expensive assets like containers, generators, railcars, lightbars and more with simple installation via heavy magnet or permanent mount